Jumat, 21 November 2008

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Jupe BugiL

Julia Perez was born in Jakarta by the name of July Rachmawati, on July 15 1980. The close star was called by Jupe this headed his career through training the work as the secretary in a private company and had an opportunity to continue education in the Netherlands.

His introduction with the man's model Damien Perez (Yusuf Perez) that afterwards became his husband, opened the beginning of the opportunity himself appeared as the FHM magazine model and Maxim in France. His peak to 2002-2003 stars that often appeared the section and began to be known in the homeland through the film CINTA LOKASI, KOMEDI NAKAL, PENJAGA PANTAI serta LEPAS MALAM with 100 nomination FHM Magazine.